Rethinking Student Engagement

Suitable for:
Post Primary and FE
Works well with:
Rethinking Intelligence
3 Hours or Bitesize 90 Minute (Twilight)


Most educators would agree that student engagement (not to be confused with involvement, participation or compliance) is the holy grail of classroom teaching. If students are truly engaged, they are in the moment with the teacher, consciously competent, ready and open to learning. The question is - how can we ensure we make learning come alive for our students so that they are consistently engaged? The aim of this module is to give teachers the tools and resources to answer that question. 


  • Define 'engagement' and investigate its' behavioural, emotional and cognitive dimensions
  • Investigate learning theories and the four stages of competence as foundations for student engagement
  • Assess the 'optimal learning environment' for maximum engagement
  • Explore the evidence on what students say about what engages them to learn
  • Critically analyse practice and develop engagement strategies

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