Blast Off

'Helping Students Develop Effective Study Habits'

Suitable for:
NI Year 8 and ROI First Year
Best time to deliver:
Throughout the Academic Year
Works well with:
Parent Power Bitesize 'Parents Introduction to Study Skills'
Study Skills and Exam Preparation Programmes


The first year of secondary school is crucial to enabling students to develop both the mindset and study habits to succeed at school. If those habits can be embedded at this early stage then the journey through second level education can be smoother and much more rewarding.

Blast Off is an upbeat, interactive and fun programme that has been designed to captivate, motivate and educate young people about their brain and learning. It aims to create a success-oriented mindset amongst students, boost academic performance and foster a positive, lifelong attitude to learning.

This programme is guaranteed to reinforce and compliment the work being done by teachers in the school.


We will help your students:

  • Kick-start the learning journey ahead
  • Understand how their brain and memory work
  • Realise that their brain is like a muscle - it grows stronger with use
  • Develop a 'Growth Mindset' and understand the importance of effort and practise in success
  • Explore the differences between active and passive learning
  • Develop effective study habits
  • Mix with other students, develop friendships and see the benefits of collaboration
  • Build their self-confidence and self-efficacy

Taking Part in this Programme

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Full Brochure

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I learnt a lot more about my brain and how I can grow my intelligence.

St. Paul's Community College, Waterford

Loved having Amazing Brains at school. Hope you can come again. Thanks

Cambridge House Grammar School

I feel more confident about my school year.

Cookstown High School