'Accelerate to a Higher Learning Gear'

Suitable for:
NI Year 9 and ROI Second Year
Best time to deliver:
Throughout the Academic Year
Works well with:
Parent Power Bitesize 'Parents Introduction to Study Skills'
Study Skills and Exam Preparation Programmes


When it comes to doing homework, do you think your students are as effective as they could be? For most students there is room for improvement. Accelerate guarantees to help students improve organisational skills, increase homework effectiveness and understand more about how they can grow their intelligence.


We will help your students:

  • Understand how their brain, learning and memory work
  • Investigate how their brain constantly grows and changes in response to their environment and to what they experience
  • Challenge and to re-think the notion that anyone has a fixed level of intelligence
  • Develop effective homework habits
  • Become familiar with target setting, specifically in relation to study
  • Understand the importance of collaborative learning
  • Investigate the optimum conditions of the 'perfect study environment'

Taking Part in this Programme

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Full Brochure

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It was very effective and had some great tips.

Rathdown Girls' School, Dublin

Workshop was amazing! I can now use new techniques.

St Louise's Girl's School

It inspired me to study more and experiment with different study techniques.

St. Malachy's College, Belfast