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Our Story


Established in 2011 we are now trusted by over 300 partner schools from across the island of Ireland. Our founder, Roisin Liston set up the organisation after a period of 15 years working in the youth and education sectors. Having witnessed the overwhelming desire by young people to succeed, Roisin felt there was a need to develop a new approach to help them on that journey. That approach was to engage and empower young people by teaching them about the power of having a positive mindset, brain plasticity and effective, evidenced-based study strategies. And so Amazing Brains was born. 

We are a vibrant, dynamic, award-winning social enterprise that has student success at it's very core. We believe that young people are amazing, every one unique, every one intelligent. We want to inspire them to take control of their own futures, discover their own unique talents and latent potential, but most importantly become the authors of their own life stories.

We have developed an extensive range of research-informed education programmes and resources that are interactive, practical, relevant and highly engaging. During our workshops participants immerse themselves in action-packed challenging activities, with the aim of encouraging active, collaborative learning. Education and training is a dynamic field, research is updated, approaches change and we have to adapt with these changes. At Amazing Brains you are guaranteed to be at the cutting edge of these fields, ensuring participants are equipped with the tools to help them succeed in school or college, with each other, at work and throughout their lives.

Our Team

Roisin Liston
Managing Director and Presenter

Matt Watson

Dr Katie Liston
Head of Research and Evaluation

Mary Oglesby
Operations Director

Joe Caffrey
IT and Information Management

Paul Brennan

John Mullholland

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