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Here's a snapshot of what some of our participants say...

Mr Paul Fiorentini (Principal)

“The whole event was very organised. The facilitator was excellent and had a great rapport with all the students. Each session was extremely well structured with a very impressive use of visuals and both interactive and individual learning experiences. Student and parent feedback on the programme was very positive. Students felt they had developed new study skills and revision techniques and many commented that for them the use of memory techniques and mind maps were especially effective”


Geoff Dunn MBE (Principal)

“I was very impressed by the content, delivery and activities which our senior pupils enjoyed. Indeed, the underpinning growth mindset philosophy was clearly impressed on the pupils in a variety of ways and matched our ethos and desire to promote aspiration to all pupils in an inclusive and fun way. I feel this programme has been a further beneficial strategy to help P7 pupils overcome fears about transferring to their post primary schools.”


Emma Westcott

"Very enjoyable session - Katie and Roisin very easy to listen to and you know your stuff! Lots of opportunity for personal reflection and I feel I have some practical ideas to take away with me"

(Rethinking Intelligence Participant)

Joe McCann (Vice-Principal)

“Excellent delivery in a fun environment. An excellent day had by all the students”

St Patrick’s Grammar School DOWNPATRICK

Alicia Rooney (Teacher)

“Very impressive programme. Focus on motivation, effective ways to revise, how to improve themselves and look to the future”

Shimna Integrated College NEWCASTLE

Nadine Carr (Teacher)

“Our girls gained confidence to have a go at different techniques to master study. Lots covered and much more than expected delivered”

St Genevieves High School BELFAST

Colin Farr (Teacher)

“An excellent grounding in study skills that are effective for each individual”

Campbell College BELFAST

D McShane (Teacher)

“A very important message was communicated to our students. Revision techniques needed to suit them. This workshop allowed students to think about what they need to do for exam prep”

Integrated College DUNGANNON

Lynda Catney (Teacher)

“Great focus on what needs to be done in the coming weeks. Loved the session on ‘Mindfulness’ and studying using colour”

Dominican College BELFAST


“Our students recognised the fact that different students learn in different ways and that there is a way that suits them and that way is not necessarily the conventional way. They also learnt that organisation is key”

Our Lady’s Greenhills

R Slane (Teacher)

“The programme was absolutely superb and pitched at a perfect level, not one thing would make this better – it is outstanding”

St Patrick’s Grammar School

Mary Reid (Teacher)

“Our students gained an insight into strategies which are essential for success; Study techniques, good attitude, time management, effective planning, healthy living and managing stress. All aspects of the programme were addressed effectively and will have helped motivate our Year 12 pupils”

Dominican College BELFAST

Bridget McConville (Teacher)

“The facilitator was excellent; very motivating and enthusiastic in his delivery. He was able to make all 100 students feel involved. A very interactive programme and the students really appreciated it. The majority of students found the content of the session very suitable for their needs and were very motivated by the event. Over 80% have changed their attitude to study with a renewed focus on planning and time management”

St Paul’s High School BESSBROOK (NL)

J Muldrew (Teacher)

“A fresh prospective on how to prepare for forthcoming exams!”



“Excellent programme. Great ideas of how to study & organise their time better and to see what type of learner they are”

St Killian’s College CARNLOUGH


“Excellent programme with great practical tips for exams and stress management”

Patrician High School CARRICKMACROSS

Mrs Gill Williamson (Teacher)

“Superb programme, challenging and motivating. Great insight into different learning methods & physiology of body. Students learning can be fun”

Cambridge House Grammar BALLYMENA

Richard Beggs (Teacher)

“Excellent format and superbly presented. Students have a clear idea of what type of learning suits them best”


(Guidance Counsellor)

“We were amazed by Amazing Brains. The fundamental techniques that every student needs were delivered in a perfectly paced and dynamic manner. The skills taught to our students will benefit them for years to come. Money well invested.”

Colaiste Cholmcille