Rethinking Praise

Suitable for:
Primary and Post Primary
Works well with:
Rethinking Intelligence
3 Hours or Bitesize 90 Minute (Twilight)


It is common practice to use praise in the school setting and the vast majority of teachers would agree that praise has many benefits. These can range from helping to improve behaviour to enhancing competence and fostering student success. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that 'praise' is not the panacea once thought. In this module teachers will begin to address some key questions on the subject, for example: Are all types of praise equally important or are some forms counterproductive, particularly if delivered in an unstructured or haphazard way?  Do all students perceive and accept praise in the same way? Should we praise the child or what they do? The module will culminate in the development of practical strategies for using praise as a tool to nurture students' intrinsic motivation.


  • Investigate the effects of person, product and process praise and assess the diverse motivational consequences of each
  • Explore the evidence base for using specific types of praise
  • Assess the effects of praise by age and gender
  • Critically evaluate practice and develop practical strategies for using praise in the classroom 

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