Rethinking Homework

Suitable for:
Primary and Post Primary
Works well with:
Rethinking Student Engagement
2 Hours


In September 2016 a post-primary school in Essex, England, became the first in the UK to ban homework. The Principal decided teachers' time was better spent on the design of inspiring, engaging lessons than on setting and marking homework. Was the school correct to do this? What was the evidence base and should all schools be banning homework? Do some schools give homework because "that is what we have always done" or because it has a real impact on learning? In this module you will debate the hot topic that is Homework.


  • Examine the merits and perils of homework from the perspectives of the student, family and teacher
  • Investigate homework variables such as type, length, age of the student and family circumstances
  • Explore the international evidence relating to homework in primary and second level education
  • Formulate a set of homework guidelines for your context (classroom or school)


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