Parent Power for Post Primary

Suitable for:
All Parents (Tailored to School/Parent needs)
Best time to deliver:
Throughout the Academic Year
Works well with:
Student Study Skills and Exam Preparation Workshops


At Amazing Brains we are acutely aware of the impact of building the capacity of parents to help their children when it comes to homework and exams. Our own research as well as overwhelming international research indicates the irrefutable link between parental engagement and a child's success at school. Sometimes parents, although they want to help, are unaware of the various strategies that exist to assist their children with homework and exam preparation.

Parent Power is a practical, meaningful, activity based 90-minute workshop that empowers parents and gives them the opportunity to help their own children develop the essential study techniques to succeed in schools and exams. 


  • Provide parents with the opportunity to reflect on their personal experience of education and consider how this has shaped their view of educational achievement.
  • Inform parents of current research on the brain and learning.
  • Equip parents with the knowledge and skills to feel more confident about supporting their children with homework and exams.
  • Give parents the opportunity to speak with like minded parents/guardians who share similar problems and stresses relating to schooling and exams.
  • Provide parents with a useful resource booklet that will serve to reinforce learning in the seminar and offer a valuable reference guide containing practical information and useful tips to help them to continue to support their child/children.

Taking Part in this Programme

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Excellent presentation & learning session, enjoyable & fun and I personally learned a lot for myself.

Carrickfergus Grammar School

Excellent seminar. I hope my daughter got as much from it as I did! She should be inspired.

Victoria College Belfast

I absolutely loved this workshop, felt it was extremely beneficial

St Mary's High School, Newry