Brain Power

'Exam Preparation for Professionals'

Suitable for:
Teams of 15 - 100
Half Day or Full Day


There are occasions in our careers and professional lives when we have to step out of our comfort zones. One such occasion is when we (or our employer) decide that a course of study/development is required for career progression. The idea of going 'back to school' 'fills many with fear and dread. Why? Because we find it almost impossible to shake off the negative emotions associated with our school days and our brains become less practiced at the ‘how to’ skills associated with this. For some, our fixed mindset voice kicks in saying 'I wasn't good at school,' I failed my exams' or I'm too old for this’. This feeling of not wanting to go back to school and sit exams is a major reason why many careers are stifled.

Brain Power has been specifically designed to help for professionals develop the mindset and skills to overcome these fears and succeed in exams.


We will help your employees (or you) to:

  • Assess mindset and how tasks are approached
  • Address the impact of ability beliefs on behaviour
  • Develop personalised study strategies and critically evaluate outdated notions around learning styles
  • Optimise energy levels by investigating and applying strategies to generate and harness energy, particularly given the demands of work and study
  • Apply robust, well-established time management techniques
  • Devise an exam countdown planner
  • Prepare psychologically for exams
  • Address all fears and concerns relating to study and exams

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