The Effort Effect (University Students)

Best time to deliver:
Induction (Sep/Oct)
Half Day or Full Day


There is a common misconception that once a student progresses to Higher education they are already equipped with the skills and mindset to be successful. Quite often this is not the case. Many new students struggle with the associated changes and new challenges. These can include a lack of self-belief and confidence (arising from academic self-concept), adjusting to new social situations, financial planning and demanding schedules. Often they lack academic resilience - an ability to sustain high levels of achievement motivation and performance despite the presence of changes and challenges.

By building academic resilience students are better able to face these challenges and persist through the transitional and challenging times. The 'Effort Effect' lays the foundations for students to do exactly that.


  • Understand the multidimensional nature of resilience and why building academic resilience is critical to being able to lead a fulfilling educational life
  • Understand their talents, intelligence and abilities are simply the starting points for success
  • Appreciate the 'Power of Character' - the belief that developing and demonstrating characteristics such as persistence, grit and self-control are crucial for success
  • Be introduced to neuroplasticity
  • Apply tools and strategies to aid organisation and planning
  • Be introduced to growth mindset and self theories and its application in the university context
  • Understand the range of effective study skills including suitable exam strategies for Further/Higher education
  • Investigate strategies to ensure emotional well being

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