Ignite (Young People)

Suitable for:
Ages 13-17
Best time to deliver:
Throughout the Year
12 Modules (Delivered over 3, 6, or 12 Weeks)


The Ignite programme consists of 12 themed interconnected modules. It is grounded in the Amazing Brains 'Resilience Framework.' Resilience describes a person's capacity to cope with changes and challenges and to bounce back from adversity. There is a common misconception that resilience is a feature of someone's innate personality. In fact, resilience and adversity are distributed unequally across the population and are also related to broader socio-economic inequalities. Quite often those young people who face the most adversity are those least likely to have the resources to cope. This programme is designed to enable our most vulnerable young people to develop the social, emotional and academic resilience necessary to succeed in life.  It is a holistic programme, ‘jam-packed’ with practical, kinaesthetic and stimulating activities designed to inspire and ignite a passion for learning and taking on challenges.



  • Help students understand the multidimensional nature of resilience and why building resilience is critical to being able to lead a fulfilling life
  • Investigate the 'Power of Character' - the belief that developing and demonstrating characteristics such as persistence, grit and self-control outweighs 'cognitive abilities' when it comes to success in life
  • Understand that their brain is malleable and therefore changes in response to the environment and new experiences
  • Be aware of what 'motivation' is and understand what motivates them to learn and succeed
  • Understand what is meant by having aspirations and ambitions and why these are important
  • Be able to apply the skills and competencies required to be an entrepreneur
  • Be equipped with knowledge about how the economy works and how they might contribute
  • Have developed financial literacy skills
  • Be equipped with communication, presentation and negotiation skills
  • Have increased confidence in their ability to work successfully in a team
  • Have developed learning and study skills
  • Have a sense of independence and self-worth and be inspired to take on new challenges

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